Believing that the society needs to take part in the education system, it is for this reason that Serrum would like to introduce a new perspective towards education and art to the public, by implementing a different educational method and practice which had never been applied before.

Education is the most fundamental rights for each individuals within a society. This grand narrative of education focuses on method, curriculum, government’s policies, and memories from the public’s perspective. With particular focus on the reality of the educational practice within the existing education system and current society’s structure.

This festival analyses various methods of education as well as its distribution which also focuses on education practitioners as well as the wider public. Nowadays, democracy has made it possible for variety alternative education programs which provides more options of gaining knowledge and learning for the public.

This festival develops and distributes knowledge with alternative method that is more creative and inspirational. Inherently, art and education are able to create and form something despite structure of the society.

Serrum as part of the wider society believes that it has to have a significant role in the public education. One of these roles is explained in the Indonesian Education Constitutional System No. 20 in 2003, in which the clause 8 emphasises the rights and obligations of the society. It is explained that the society has the rights to take part in the planning, implementation, invigilating, as well as evaluating the education system.


Why Serrum focuses on education and art?

  • Education is a fundamental part within art and culture
  • Education endorses the development of art and culture
  • Education is one of the primary factors that shapes society and its culture
  • As educational material, art can collaborate and be elaborated with other educational materials
  • Art and its development have gradually become more accessible for wider public through various public exhibitions and online media.
  • Art has become more accessible for the public.

Ekstrakurikulab is an art festival that highlights issues of education ranging from its method, curriculum, system and its policy. Ekstrakurikulab aims to transforms these educational issues with artistic, creative, participatory and inspiring approaches.

Series of Ekstrakurikulab activities will be performed with laboratory approaches which include collaborations from various education practitioners such as students, teachers / educators, academics, university students, and public in general.

The main event will be the exhibition that exhibit the artworks of various Indonesian and International artists with variety of medium such as installation, video artwork, performance art, public art, and participatory art that includes the use of data or archives.



  • To provide an artistic and inspiring creative experiences
  • To endorse the development of creative and participatory art and education
  • To mediate relationship as well as networks between stakeholders which includes the government, education practitioners, art enthusiasts, creative workers as well as the public in general