Focus Group Discussion

Focus Group Discussion

Hall A4 Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, Pancoran.

Education in the Age of Japan: Relationships and Identity

8 November 2016 | 10.00-12.00 WIB


Speakers : Hikaru Fujii, H.A.R. Tlaar, Mahardika Yudha, Kurnia Yunita

Pendidikan di Zaman Jepang : Relasi dan Identitas

The arrival of the Japanese during the colonial period is short and quick to load stories. Japan comes as the elder brother of the east. Memories of Japan in the context of education in Indonesia is so short and then load the memory of Japan was to reap short-term memory. Japan in memory of our artists live long: Agus Anwar Djaja, Usmar Ismail, Ms. Sud is one of them. They are invited to come together and started holding exhibitions and art courses. The artists we remember Japan as a shaper of culture by creating a new culture. They often get together and dialogue in container Keimin Bunka Shidoso.

The presence of Hikaru Fuji as the Japanese artists who've made the work of the Educational System Of Empire load the superiority of Japan as an empire. The response of his work that speaks education through chat disciples South Korea indicate relationships and identity. he cites how the Japanese-influenced American education which are then applied in South Korea.

And what about Indonesia? Crisscrossed culture of Japan and Indonesia in power relations, identity, contains threads of education: dialogue or propaganda? Focus Group Discussion in finding a relationship that was important to remember the history of this day.

Small Talk About ECD and Local Media Arts

14 November 2016 | 16.00-18.00 WIB


Speakers : Moelyono, Komunitas Sosial Pecinta Anak (KSPA UNJ), Anggun PAUD Kemendikbud, KIJP

Obrolan Ringan Mengenai PAUD dan Media Lokal Seni Rupa

Human Development Report report in which various aspects of development such as economic growth, increased international trade and investment, progress can expand human choices, help create an environment for people to develop their potential fully and lead productive lives and creative. Expanded human choices that human abilities are also developed, namely the ability to act and manifest itself. Education, health, improvement of living standards of decent and ability to participate in community life, all are aspects that determine the development of the fundamental human

Early Childhood Education (ECD) is education important for Indonesia golden age. ECD menajdi way to create from the beginning to create children's education yng creative. In early childhood learning closer to what playing. ECD in

learning child development can take advantage of the local media in children's learning. Every child grows and develops in the neighborhood he came from.

Excavation of ideas and opinions of citizens regarding the management of local media art that can be used to make early childhood education in the sensitive artist to blend into one with the citizens as shades of sharing knowledge about education. This is necessary so that the activities of early childhood education is a collective work. Creating child friendly education and fun by utilizing local media art. So that the potential of early childhood development involving the entire community.

H.A.R Tilaar (2000) as UNICEF has advocated comunity based education: education that perpetuated to get together, and the community itself. Particularly in the developing world, especially in poor communities, educational institutions unloved. Comunity based education reactivate community participation in education.

Movement Learning Image via Online

15 November 2016 | 16.00-18.00 WIB

 Speakers : RE. Hartanto, Leonhard Bartolomeus, Adi Sundoro, Aga Rasyidi

Gerakan Belajar Gambar via Online 

In the era of the Internet to learn more easily. Information and absorption of knowledge does not have to meet or face to face with a teacher. This online learning activities into a new breakthrough in the study of meaning. Revolution to learn is what broke the old style conventional learning. Cohen and Smith (2015) defines it as the new digital era. Where everyone connected because of the internet and change the various views, ideas, persefektif about anything. Cohen and Smith google boss is also believed to be the advancement of education by utilizing the internet.

In art activities, is a vehicle for a new digital era in creating the learning style of drawing, sketching, painting, and various other things in the creation of a work of art. Wave of the Internet and the digital age is formed easier for students search more detail about the picture of a work of the master. Printed book slowly began art lessons are inadequate in terms of compendium of knowledge for more internet gives detailed information about the drawing, sketching, painting.

In this digital era into a new movement in the learning revolution. Learning image also supported so much information that can be accessed via Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Website. The extent to which this learning movement, especially in the field of art in the form of an image study in Indonesia? Will the Internet bring the progress in learning or vice versa.

Pedagogy and Critical Literacy for Teachers

17 November 2016 | 16.00-18.00 WIB

 Speakers : Bambang Wisudo, Monika Irayati, The Ayankz

Pedagogi dan Literasi Kritis untuk Guru-Guru 

In teacher education is not just a teacher. Teachers as well as activism and opening the way of thinking of the students. Teachers have a role in creating a class of amazement will be books. Teachers become students wrecker idea of the way in the world of literacy.

Teachers also have contributed to creating knowledge for themselves. In this case the memory of their teachers are rigid and authoritarian in knowledge. Teachers have only limited knowledge of the subject. in pedagogy and critical literacy teachers diaharapkan take initiative as teachers and outside the sebgai activists. Teachers as well as educational discourse wrecker people change thinking patterns of education as an action to dismantle the teaching style of the Bank.

Critical Literacy in the form of novels, poetry, short stories could also be material as a teacher penngetahuan intake. Pedagogy and Critical Literacy seeks to reflect the way not only as teachers giving subjects but creators of knowledge and action activism.

The temptation Reading Education Through Visual Legacy Books/

20 November 2016 | 16.00-18.00 WIB

 Speakers : Bandung Mawardi, Irsyad Ridho, Hikmat Darmawan, Ardi Yunanto, Angga Cipta

Godaan Membaca Pendidikan Melalui Visual Buku-Buku Lawas

There are allegations that the development of our art in the world of education contained in textbooks. From time to time the textbooks contains drawings, sketches, landscapes. The temptation to read educational books though visual legacy includes not only the memory of history. more than that tempt explore further how the visual image that contains memory, mentality, images, stories robust shape ideas and history.

We suspect the manufacture of textbooks in the past is a project that is ambitious and serious. Artists are invited not only to fill pages and pages of empty space in the textbooks. they are invited memvisualiskan while extending the memory of the aircraft, motorcycle, home, garden, hoe, fields, animals.

Now the memory of the textbook is stocking riuhnya replace photographic sketches and paintings. Through this discussion will lead us to the memory of older books that will contain images that contain the development of education and art are mutually contents filling.